WordPress and CMS

eacgc_page_1aContent management empowers you to more effectively engage site visitors and enhance their online experience, while also reaching critical sales and marketing goals. Regularly update content and products, host a blog, or use robust WordPress plug-ins like sign-up forms, calendars and more. There are many attractive and functional ways to master your website content.

WordPress offers dynamic, visual, and flexible content management capabilities.  Its attractive, built-in templates make possible a faster project turnaround so you can start communicating with your target audience quickly. WordPress’ vast plug-in library gives you scalable tools to reach and engage more site visitors. Customized WordPress designs are also available to businesses that want to take the extra time and attention to align their website with their brand identity.

We help determine what approach best suits your project needs: from template-ready WordPress to customized PHP programming and database management. In certain cases, Yahoo! Store, Drupal and Joomla are also great alternatives.

The benefits of content management are wide-reaching. Frequent updates encourage your site visitors to get involved and return more often – all of which, in turn, improves your search engine rankings.  And managing your content gives you better command over web copy that can, in turn, also increase your search engine rankings.